Andrea Madarasz   Mobile: +44/793-247-6435, +3670/ 572-50-25 Email:  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Graduate of Pedagogy , Masters Level  with  a solid academic background and a comprehensive skill-set, underpinned by experience in presurised environments necessitating self-motivation and a positive response to pressure. Able to  plan and implement  teaching  programs  for  the  classroom, and ensure  that  the children are  safe and that  the  conditions  under   which they play and learn  are conducive to their development . Good understanding  of  conflict resolution  , team building   and strong  communication skills. Professional Competencies ü      Team collaboration ü      Problem-  solving ü      observing and evaluating  special needs  children( ADHD, Autism,Tic Tourette syndrome) ü      Organization/ time managment ü      Supervisory skills ü      Good  decision - maker ü        ü      CAREER SUMMARY ü      English Head Teacher                                                                                            2011 until present ü      Szőlőszem Bilingual Nursery School ü      Kindergarten Head Teacher and English Teacher                                               2006 – 2011  July. ü       „Brumi” Private Kindergarten ü       Initially employed as Kindergarten teacher, collaborating as part of a teaching  team , responsible for the group , and to communicating  the children’s progress  to their  parents . ·        Planning  activities to meet the special needs ( physical and emotional ) of the children ·        Devising games , activities, art projects, exposure  to classical music and  teaching songs in English and Hungarian ·         Writing periodic schedule of activities for the kindergarten ·        Creating activities that introduce math and grammar concepts and makes note of the children’s social and intellectual progress. ü                  ü                 Key achievements ü                  ·         Ability to recognize and handle Reading Disability ( Dislexia), Learning Disability prevention . ·         Skilled  at  creating  a  unique education  plan for each child according to age, developmental  level and learning and behavior issues . ·         Knowledge of treating   with  „ eye gymnastic” to prepare the child for  reading. ü        ü       Computer programmer ü       Scintilla Kft.                                                                                                    2005. for  four months ü       Planning programs in Excel, Power Point, for financial office of  factory / Receptionist ü       Key achievements ·         meeting deadlines under pressure /complicated and lengthy calculations, orienting new clients ü        ü    Andrea Madarasz ü      39. Rougemont  avenue, St.Helier, London, SM4 5PY ü                               Mobile: +44/793-247-6435, +3670/ 572-50-25 Email: ü      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ü        ü      Qualifications               Master Studies in Summer University of ELTE , Teaching Children with Dyslexia              2011 – present ü       Master studies : specialization in  ADHD  also  Tic disorder, Tourettes Sydrome , Autism , psychosomatic symptoms of physical illnesses ü       Extensive study of the Brain as relates to the above ü       Vadaskert Foundation for Children’s Mental Health                                        2006 – 2007 ·         Studied( about) general psychology , brain activity of ADHD disorder ·         Monitored separate groups of children with anxiety problems,learning disabilities ·         Also learned how to  treat ADHD micro groups with cognitive behavioral methods, social skill training, parent training ü        ü        ü                ü        ü        ü            Kindergarten Teacher ü       Tessedik Samuel College, Faculty of Pedagogy                                                 2003 – 2006 ü        ·         Learned, Anatomy,Didactics,Drama Pedagogy, Folk dance, play piano,mental hygiene for children ·          able to handle the group plan teaching programmes ·         Final thesis in psychology / How Divorce affects  Children’s Socialization in the Group and Later in life. ·          devise  activities that introduce math and grammar and makes note of the children’s progress.  ü        ü        ü       Also knows Computer programs, like Excel,Word,Power Point etc ..( Meszaros Lorincz Gymnasium 2003) ü        ü        ü      Personal  Achievements ·         Outside  the professional environment, keen interest in traveling ,exploring  new cultures and languages ·         keen active woman who enjoys running spending free time outside, reading books on psychology  , dancing; classical and folk ü                   REFERENCES ARE AVAILABLE OREQUEST                  ü        ü        ü        ü        ü 
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